Sunday, April 30, 2006

Groundhog Day!

I watched an old movie today - Groundhog Day. February 2nd every year is Groundhog day.
I didn't know that before I watched the movie. But thats not the point.
What happens if you get to live a single day of your life over and over again? In this movie, the protagonist gets up everyday on Feb 2nd to watch the same things, observe the same people , hold the same conversations, and yet seems incapable to escape that single day. Then it hits him! If he was to get back to the same day anyways, then why not do things that he always wanted to do? He learns ice-sculpting, piano, reads French Poetry, saves lives, even kills himself - he does it all, only to find himself alive the next day! The cycle ends only when he learns all the lessons that he had to from that single day. From a cynic, sarcastic jerk of a person, he changes into a caring, loving and enjoyable man. And only then does Feb 2nd turns into Feb 3rd.
I thought to myself after I saw this movie, what would I do if I could get to live one single day all over again? Which day would it be?
Tough question.
Would I prefer to live a day where I made mistakes or one in which everything I did was just right?
A day of blunders would be my choice. I could correct them then. Mistakes cost so much. A single mistake changes lives. If I could, I would go back and change them. There were times when I did rash things, things done without thought. If I could just recall that moment and hold myself back, before that happened - it would be so nice!
And that reminds me, when it comes to preparing for exams - I wish I had more time. Getting the hours back, again and again wouldn't be a bad idea at all!
So long!

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Its a great feeling when I learn something. However little, however trivial. Life's lessons are precious ones. I learnt something yesterday. And I am glad I did.
I learnt detachment. Life becomes blissful, once expectations end. I learnt to truly enjoy my own company. Honestly, if I can't put up with myself who can?
Its a funny feeling to start a blog...lets see how far it goes.