Thursday, August 10, 2006

Of Lakes and Oceans and Boulevards!

My summer sunshine continues.

I visited Lake Shrine. A tranquil space ensconsed in greenery and awesome scenery in a corner in Malibu, this Shrine is for those we seek a respite from their mundane weeks. Set up almost 50 years ago by Swami Yogananda, for people to meditate and seek god within themselves. The place has a swan lake, where two beautiful swans swim alongside a bunch of ugly ducks! :)
The lake is huge and is encircled by green foliage and wooden benches. We sat there for an hour and the peace was palpable. There is a Windmill chapel and a prayer hall and temple. The foliage is filled with flowers of all shapes and colours - a treat to the eyes! The ride to the Shrine was beside the Pacific Ocean, pretty enjoyable. Thanks to my senior Srikant who took us there. Honestly my endless chattering must have driven him to instant meditation in search of peace! :)
Next Day it was Hollywood Boulevard and a walk among the stars. I have been there before - the first time I landed in LA. This time it was with N and N, one of them who had never been there and the other who drove by it without stopping! Walk of Fame with stars on the pavement and names within made me wonder whether I would ever get a star for my name. There was an empty star and the three of us decided to book it for ourselves!!! :)
Chinese Grumann Theatre, at the entrance of which were the hand and footprints of Hollywood celebrities. Kodak Theatre where Oscars are held every year. On the roads, mini shows were held. We watched a group of young boys doing miraculous stunts on the pavement. Hollywood Wax Museum and Guiness Records Museum was entertaining for a while too. A metro bus brought us back, but not without a little drama. An irascible old man decided to take his life and chose our metro to do so. No amount of pleas from the driver bent his mind. Most people de-boarded the bus and then ...he decided to leave. Phew! Talk of dramatic death!

I also watched Pirates of Caribbean in Westwood Village. A decent time-pass.
Shopping for cosmetics with Xi (coz there was a sale!), going to Santa Monica to shop some more and then to Target - quite eventful days!

I hope there will be more events to follow...

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