Thursday, September 21, 2006

Great Expectations!

I have read the novel by Charles Dickens.
The protagonist Philip Pirrip irritated me. He made mistakes in deciphering human emotions and feelings, committed blunders and then redeemed himself by doing something worthwhile. At the end of the novel, I didn't know whether to be happy or sad for him. But this post isn't dedicated to him.
Why do people expect from others? Freud might smirk at my question and say, " Of course, because they want something in return for their efforts for other people!" Expectations can vary - from material tangible things to nothing more than a few kind words. Expectations are also attached only to people who matter to you.
When I received without expecting, I sometimes never ealized it's value. It's only when my great expectations were met with nothingness, that I learnt something new.
For one, I learnt to value whatever I had received previously without asking for it.
I learnt that nothing should be taken for granted. Nothing is obvious.
I also learnt that feelings matter more than materials. Hmmm...thus said I do believe that sometimes a little something helps in generating good feelings! :-)
Great Expectations come directly from the heart - atleast for me. My logical gates never help me where my heart is concerned. And when the expectations aren't fulfilled it can be painful.
But the good part of the story is that, great expectations when met, makes you really truly happy! And life becomes really beautiful!



Enakshi said...

What is this Great Expectations all about?
Tell me plain and clear what you want...

The less of expectations you have of others, the more happy you will be. (No risk of default)


Addy said...

I disagree completely with Enudi.
I have learnt that to expect-of-others and to let-it-be-known-that-you-expect-of-others is the best way your expectations-from-others are met.
And when they are not met, you invariably come out better-than-before.

Sushant said...

Well...expectations are,almost always, not consciously controlled...but with time you can learn to live with them being yet unfulfilled...and that too happily so work both Enakshi says and top it up with what I've added..