Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Illuminating young minds!

I am a teaching assistant this quarter.
I am teaching Circuit Analysis.

Its funny feeling to see people come to listen to you. And actually jot down notes on whatever you blabber! I remember myself as a student - writing down every word that left the professor's mouth, but its a different feeling to observe others do the same to your words! To be honest, its a little unnerving!
The first class I had to take, took place at 8am. Crawling around the campus at that early hour, I was pretty surprised to see people actually show up for my class! My class began with a smile.
"Good Morning, I am your TA", and then started my first formal lecture.

It's easy to convince yourself when you are understanding something, but it becomes equally tough when it comes to presenting something so that someone else can understand. Especially students who expect you to explain to them in their own language.
It funny seeing my hands all white and chalky after writing on a board and not on paper. Its funny to have office hours. Above all its rewarding to see the smile of comprehension on the faces of the students after your explanation.
Lets hope my blabbering gets these kiddos through their course!



Addy said...

Ckt Analysis - May Norton and Thevenin bless your soul!

Jitesh said...

Would have loved to attend the class and get some gyaan:-)

Enakshi said...

I am sure you will make a great teacher!!!