Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Happy Birthday!

It was my Birthday yesterday!

My earliest remembrance of my Birthday begins with my mommy kissing both of us awake in the morning with a "Happy Birthday" song! My dad smiling gaily beside. I remember him teasing us as to "how old" we were getting! I felt thoroughly adult in my small kiddish life at his remarks!
I dunno much about what took place on that day, except for the gooood food I got to gobble! Sometimes my aunties came over and decorated the rooms with balloons, sometimes we got friends of the building coming over and celebrating with us, and sometimes we just celebrated by ourselves. No matter what I had a good time!
The funny thing about our birthday was the fact that there were always other kiddoes in school or in BITS, who had their b'day on the same day. That distributed the fun.
It was fun wishing each other "happy birthday"! There is always someone who would remember it was my b'day (without alarms and reminders!!) coz it was theirs too! :)

This is my second American B'day. I must admit it was as rollicking as the first one. Thanks to my best buddies who have distributed the workload among themselves of making me joyous !!
Since my birthday was on Monday which is right after a Saturday and a Sunday, I actually had three days of Birthday fun! Ofcourse, I left no stones unturned on my part in reminding my friends that my b'day was approaching by subtle and not-so subtle hints! :P
A sponsored shopping spree on Saturday, a double-scoop ice cream on Sunday, cards, cake, flowers, food and friends - I had them all! I loved the scarf that my Chinese friend knitted for me, I loved the jacket that I am wearing now, and above all I love the feeling of being taken care of!
My sister had a different b'day. So far away, with her own friends and her own circle. It feels weird that the time difference makes her celebrate her b'day 12 hours in advance! Does that kind of relativity make me younger than my twin???

I just wished to thank everyone who made me so happy on my b'day. And Orkut for reminding my friends to wish me!



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many mnay good returns of the day~

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long time no updates..