Saturday, May 06, 2006

City of Angeles!

I am not an angel.
When I was a kid, I had taken part in a dance performance where I had to attach false wings to my back and dance on stage. It made me feel real good. I felt like an angel - beautiful and pure. I even attempted to fly- sadly my body mass couldn't be supported. I lacked a streamlined structure and sound aerodynamics knowledge, and hence my flight resulted in a sad plight.
I learnt I couldn't fly, and that I wasn't an angel.
Like every other kid, I read fantasy fables. About a mythical land populated by gnomes, elves, fairies, angels, trolls, princes and princesses. Lovely land and quitoxic tales. Such places don't exist. But there is a place which is called the City of Angeles. Los Angeles.
When I first came here, what struck me was the beauty. Clean, neat and green. Even the sky seemed a shade bluer! The climate wonderful, thanks to the Pacific Ocean right nearby. The beaches filled with white sand. Santa Monica beach and Venice Beach - the only two beaches that I have been to.
Compared to mountains I always liked oceans. Why? It gave me a sense of expansiveness. Ocean were more down to earth, and mountains high above - away from the land. Oceans seemed to have the ability to take in whatever you threw at it.Oceans taught me to forgive, accept whatever came your way and still feel good. Life was too huge to waste time on petty things. It gave me tranquility.
Coming back to Los Angeles - its a beautiful city. This place is a melting pot of cultures from all over the world. Along its roads are restraunts that cater to every cuisine known to man, unless you are taking about Adivasis of Andaman! I haven't seen so many complexion and colours in any one place. I haven't heard so many languages spoken at a given square area of land!
Chinese, Cuban, Mexican, German, Italian, Greek, Indonesian, French, German, Iranian, Spanish,Thai, our very own Indian and many more. I had the good fortune of trying out many of the above mentioned cuisines. I learnt some Chinese and practised it on unsuspecting Chinese, who were taken aback - more because of my incorrect usage than my knowledge!
People here wear very colourful clothes. Maybe because everyone feels like a star. Hollywood is nearby - maybe that influences the attire. And I find people smiling at strangers here - something that you would look upon with suspicion in India. But here its just courtesy...spreading a little warmth.

Once on a rainy day, while I was walking with an umbrella, I suddenly felt happy. Why? Something struck me. I was in Los Angeles - the city of Angeles, where angels are meant to dwell. So.....shouldn't that make me one too?



Shaurabh Bharti said...

..and when an Angel Cries, It Rains!

Do listen to it - Enigma - Angels Weep

PS : if i tell u how much mehnat i did to write this comment entry, tat wud be another blog :P

Addy said...

You are an angel my dear M.
BTW... hows Dr. Razavi?

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