Thursday, May 04, 2006

Influence of Influenza!

I have cold.
Nothing new, considering that too much ice-cream consumption, and too little protection in cold, chilly nights can lead to such a condition. The point is not that. The point is, how much this influenza thingy is affecting me.
Its affecting my body, 'coz I do feel a little weak, my nose is running and am running around with tissues wherever I go. Besides that, the cold has laid its claim on my mind too. I feel depressed and sad. Whenever I get a cold, the feeling of being utterly useless comes creeping back to me. Instead of saying, "Buck up Meenu, you can do it", the cold makes me say, "Uh well! You know you are no good. Why don't you just give up?" Its a ongoing battle between
me-the-would-be-useful and me-the-good-for-nothing. Right now, the chances of the latter winning is supreme.

When I was a kiddo and I had cold, all I had to do was sneeze, and voila! my mom would come rushing to me and take me in her arms and give tight slap!
"How in the heaven's name did you get it?"
I knew how, but after one slap, its a little silly to incite her into giving me more of them!
Then a series of recuperative measures were taken under parental supervision which made me healthy and un-sneezing in a matter of days!

Now there is no one to slap me and none to run after me to take my meds. 'Coz now I am a kid no more.

Frankly this cold thing is making me too depressed. If there is no one to take care of my cold(and I refuse to accept that responsibility!)then why do I keep getting cold?
Just like a flower dies when the gardener ceases to look after it, shouldn't the influence of influenza dimish 'coz there is no one to take care of it????

What say?


Enakshi said...

Please stop being depressed, it causes other people associated with you, concerned.
Take the medicines.

Amit said...

I am a student and in this site I wish to chronicle the things I learnt along my way!

I read this first and then your first post (on flu)

Hilarious! :)

Anonymous said...

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